Colour Consultation

Learning about what colours look best on you is an investment not only into yourself but a lifelong wardrobe. In a colour consultation, we will discover what shades and colours look best on you to make you appear and feel the best you can be.

Almost everybody can wear every colour- it just depends on the shade and tone of the colour. This is because everybody has different skin overtones and undertones which reflect colours differently. Through the colour consultation, we discover your overtones and undertones by doing a series of colour drapings to then see what colours/shades/tones reflect best off your skin. Wearing the right colours is important as it will make you look younger, healthier, vibrant and professional.

If you’ve had your colours done before and you’ve fallen into the Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn categories, then it is time to have your colours done again. Now, there are twelve different colour groups that you can fall into meaning that your colour group is much more specific and refined to what colours will truly look best on you.

Having a colours consultation will save you time and money in the long run. You won’t be using up time and energy trying on all these clothes and buying all the wrong colours that don’t do any good for you. You will also take away with you your own personalised colour swatch and a book that is designed specifically for your colour group. This will give you even more information to understand your colours and how to wear them effectively.


I am so excited to announce that all colour consultations can now be done virtually! This means that no matter where you are or what situation the world is in, you can still learn and discover what your colours are! Although the way the service is done maybe a little different, you will still learn and gain the same skills and colour swatch!

In-studio Colour Consultation Price: $249 + GST

Virtual Colour Consultation Price: $199 + GST

Body Shape Analysis (Style Consultation)

Do you sometimes find yourself looking in the mirror and not quite understand why a particular item of clothing does not look quite like it does on the mannequin?

This is because you are your own person and everyBODY is different and beautiful in its own way.

In a style consultation, you will receive a new knowledge of your body and all the potential that it has! Together, we will determine your body shape to then discover the best way to dress it. We will also determine your face shape to then talk about what hairstyles and accessories shapes and placement will look best on you.

You will also receive an online style program that is personally created for you. With unlimited access, this online program shows you what pieces of clothing look the best on your body shape and better yet explains why! This is perfect to look over when you are about to go shopping as you can refresh your mind of what to look for and what to avoid.

Coming in for a body shape consultation will save you money and time as you will never buy or try on the wrong items of clothing ever again. You will walk away with a newfound confidence in yourself as you will learn to love your assets and the way your body is.


I am so excited to announce that all style consultations can now be done virtually! This means that no matter where you are or what situation the world is in, you can still learn and discover what your body shape is and how to best dress it. Although the way the service is done maybe a little different, you will still learn and gain the same skills and online program!

In-studio Body Shape Analysis Price: $249 + GST

Virtual Body Shape Analysis Price: $199 + GST

The complete style consultation

The complete style consultation is perfect for the women starting their style journey or the women that want the most cost effective way to get the most information! The consult includes both a colour and body shape analysis in full, discovering what your style personality is and what that means for you as well as creating a plan forward that achieves your style goals.

Cost: $449 +GST

Wardrobe Audit

In the comfort of your own home and working with garments you already own, together we can recreate a new wardrobe for you. We will find the heroes and get rid of the villains to then find the gaps in your wardrobe that you may have been looking for.

In a wardrobe audit, we will talk what your style personality is to then be able to find in your wardrobe what fits into that style as well as creating outfits along the way that you may not have to know your wardrobe already held.

As well as making the most of the clothes you have, we will write a list of things that are missing which may also lead to a shopping trip!

Although wardrobe audits can be done stand-alone, I recommend at least coming to get your colours done first as it will make the wardrobe audit more effective.

Cost: $120 p/h +GST

Personal Shopping

Is walking into a shop or mall overwhelming to you? With so many options and choices to make it can be a chore for some but exciting for others.

Going on a shopping trip with me takes the stress and anxiety away as I will teach and guide you through the shops/mall and help you navigate the tricky intricacies of salespeople, misleading sale signs and sorting through whole stores of clothing. Everyone falls into certain style personalities that help tell me what kind of ‘dresser’ you are and how you want to present yourself in the life you live. Discovering this will help me dress you for the person you want to be and I will find you outfits that help bring this person to life.

Although we can just go shopping, I strongly recommend coming in for a colour consultation and body shape analysis to make our shopping trip more effective as it is ensured that all the colours and shapes will be perfect for you as you can start to build a lifelong wardrobe.

Cost = $120 per hour + GST. Get in contact with me to find out how many hours we will need together with a questionnaire.

Group Consultations & Parties

Running out of ideas for a fun girls night in? Well, a group colour consultation is a great way to bring friends/family together, learn something new, keep the price low and have an unforgettable night. Things are always more fun with loved ones around!

In a group colours consultation, we will start with a short presentation about colour and what impact it has on our lives. We will then find out what colours look best on everyone individually and then everyone will be given a personalised colour swatch. Once everyone has got their swatch, we will then talk about how to use these swatches effectively so everyone knows what to do when they are shopping next.

A night like this is perfect for birthday parties, hens nights or any special event. It is also perfect for a group of friends that all want to get their colours done as it is more cost-effective.

Cost = $129 pp (Minimum 6 – maximum 10)

Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss options for the perfect fashion evening for any group event or parties.

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